Ariel’s Eulogy for the Sea


Ariel’s Eulogy for the Sea

This is it, girl: you’re on your own
from here on out. Triton’s hand fanning

out across the horizon won’t change
things back again. You wanted this:

to shuck the fins and stride over
the deck of Eric’s ship. The crustacean,

the fish, the bird of whom you were
attached at the hip receding into the wake.

I can still hear my sisters’ whispers but they
don’t know the heft of carrying the human heart

while upright. They’ve lost sight of the purpose – it wasn’t
to love, but to have a voice. To wrap your legs around the entire galaxy.


3 thoughts on “Ariel’s Eulogy for the Sea

  1. Oh, heck yes. I still have a VHS of TLM with my name, in Sharpie, along the spine. Thanks for the smile! PS…the crustacean is my favorite.

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