Ghazal for Letting Go (For CR)


Ghazal for Letting Go
(For CR)

God missed out on another miracle while tweeting
from the heavens some tripe about “letting go.”

I remain grateful, Constance, for this fist-sized jewel I still
palm, inscribed: what you settle for becomes the standard you never let go.

His stubbornness was so famous it was gospel, his
refusal to bet on the horse called “Letting Go.”

My blood, the mismatched vintage to her spoiled palate
(a not quite rich enough Bordeaux): easy to spit out, easy to let go.

You left without warning so I hoisted the drawbridge
then poisoned the moat, whispering for months: “Adam: just. let. go.”

Now, brother, can you answer this: is love just
a wounded animal that wants to be held tight and never let go?


2 thoughts on “Ghazal for Letting Go (For CR)

  1. And i think love is not like wounded animal and so on….but its also true that when we have a relationship with friends and for stay fix on that relationship we make ourselves as a wounded animal …and try to hold our friends with us…

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